Stainless Steel Makeup Mixing Palette

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Stainless Steel Makeup Mixing Palette

Model:Various Kinds of Makeup Mixing Palette

Material: Stainless Steel
Package:1 set/PVC bag
Service Type: OEM / ODM service
MOQ: 1000 sets
Application: Nail art/Makeup color mixing


Makeup Mixing Plate with Spatula

Durable material: made of stainless steel with smooth texture, easy to clean, suitable for a variety of color cosmetics use, good tool to create your own beauty and fashion

Wide applications: palette is suitable for mixing foundation, blending lip colors or eye shadow, also can use with nail art paint, gels, nail polishes, pigments, lash adhesive, etc.

YunYee Makup Mixing Palette_01 YunYee Makup Mixing Palette_02 YunYee Makup Mixing Palette_03 YunYee Makup Mixing Palette_04 YunYee Makup Mixing Palette_05

YunYee Makup Mixing Palette_07 YunYee Makup Mixing Palette_06 YunYee Makup Mixing Palette_08


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