Semi-circle Makeup Blending Palette

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Semi-circle Makeup Blending Palette


Material: Stainless Steel,Mirror Finished
Palette Size: 156mmL*99mmW*1mmTH
Spatula Length: 116mmL
Package:1 set/PVC bag
Service Type: OEM / ODM service
MOQ: 500 sets
Application: Nail art/Makeup color mixing


Semi-circle Stainless Steel Makeup Blending Palette

A stainless steel Palette with rounded edges and thumb hole
Ideal for blending colors and prevents cross contamination
The palette is excellent for mixing foundation, such as blending lip colors or eye shadow colors
Can be used with Nail Art Paint, Gels, Gel Polishes, Nail Polishes, Pigments, Lash Adhesive, etc.
Safe to use: The rim of the ring is blunt, do not worried about that it will be sharp and will hurt you

Details of Semicircle Makeup Blending Palette


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